Patio Cleaning

There are more and more patio surfaces being laid in Kent and all of them will need cleaning and maintenance at some point. The damp UK climate makes it very hard for homeowners to keep their patios clean and although, some try to clean their patios themselves, in most cases they look for a professional patio cleaning company in Kent.

A patio is often laid with a porous material such as sandstone, limestone, slate or granite. If the patio is shaded and not receiving direct sunlight, it can quickly get covered in green algae which can then turn black over time if the patio is not cleaned. In Margate, Ramsgate and Dover there are many patios that need cleaning because of this problem with algae. A nice looking patio is often the focal point of a garden area and if it is not cleaned and left dirty, it can really let the property down and potentially reduce its value.

PandaSeal will professionally clean patios in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay. We can also protect your patio from deterioration by applying protective patio sealers from Smartseal. PandaSeal are a locally based company in Ramsgate, who only employ local people to carry out the patio cleaning work

At Pandaseal we take great care to ensure every patio cleaning or pressure washing project we undertake in Kent is carried out to our customer's satisfaction. If required we can also provide references from some of our existing customers in a town near you such as Ramsgate, Margate, Dover or Deal. After we have cleaned and sealed your patio you will find it looking something like it did when it was brand new. 

If you are looking for FREE patio cleaning and sealing quote in Canterbury, Dover, Margate or any other town in Kent, please complete our online enquiry form or call 07527 119627 or 07919 563918 and we will get back to you shortly.

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