Block Paving Cleaning

PandaSeal receives more requests for block paving cleaning and sealing than any other surface. This is because homeowners in towns such as Canterbury, Margate and Whitstable like the look of block paving on their driveways or patios but don’t have the knowledge or equipment to keep it looking like it was when first laid.

The majority of driveways in Kent that have been laid over the last thirty years have been laid with block paving. The big problem with block paving is that it looks great when first laid and is very hard wearing but the sand-filled joints make it very vulnerable to the growth of weeds. It does not take long for a block paved to become covered in weeds if it is not looked after. We have seen this so many times in towns near us such as Deal, Dover and Herne bay. However, there is a solution and PandaSeal can help keep your block paved driveway free from weeds with our pressure washing and sealing service that can make an old block paved driveway look like new. The damp microclimate in Kent makes it difficult for homeowners to keep their block paved driveways clean and weed free so, in most cases they look for a professional patio cleaning company to carry out the pressure cleaning and sealing.

We have outlined below the procedure for cleaning and sealing block paving:

  • Pre-treat weeds growth with weed killer
  • Pressure clean block paving once weeds have been killed off
  • Leave block paving to dry for 3-5 days
  • Re-Sand and seal the block paving on the same day

The process for cleaning and sealing block paving in Kent as detailed above can keep your driveway or patio looking great at all times. Once it has been pressure cleaned and sealed by us, all you need to do to keep it looking nice at all times is to hose it down and sweep it now and again to ensure any surface dust or dirt is kept to a minimum.

If you are searching for a FREE block paving cleaning and sealing quote in Canterbury, Dover, Margate or any other town in Kent, please complete our online enquiry form or call 07527 119627 or 07919 563918 and we will get back to you soon.

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Block Paving Cleaning image
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